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Cultural Festival My impression Amanda Barnstien

The culture festival gave me an opportunity to see students having fun and creating dances, games and other projects. I had never experienced anything quite like it during my time in high school or volunteering at other local schools. In my American high school, the event most similar to the culture festival was homecoming week, a week where students dress up every day until a school dance. However, students did not have to participate in homecoming events if they did not want to, nor were they required to make some type of project. Having all the students participate in the culture festival through various performances, projects and games reflects a sense of school spirit and solidarity which I found refreshing.

The culture festival also allowed me to get to know the personalities of students more. Seeing students do performances and interact together through games or over lunch helped me see what students are interested in. Students even tried to explain their games and activities to me in English. I was happy to see them communicating in a foreign language, something that takes a lot of courage. Since I have found that most students are pretty quiet in class, I enjoyed seeing them have fun and speaking. I hope that I can get to know the personalities of students more in the future as well.

Overall, the culture festival was a good opportunity for me to learn more about students, their interests, and the school as a whole. I am happy I got the chance to see so many events and visit many different clubs and classrooms.