Hibari 探究プロジェクト - 雲雀丘学園中学校・高等学校

グローバル教育〔 地球的規模で考える 〕



9 months have passed since I came here.

My last trimester has started. My classes are Fish/Wildlife conservation, Modeling our world with math, Video production 2, Physics B, and Metal/Jewelry design. There are many classes which don't exist in Japan, so I will explain them.

Fish/Wildlife conservation: Learn about fish and animals around us.

Modeling our world with math: Use math to analyze everyday life experiences and to support informed life choices such as finance, civic readiness, health and fitness, digital world, music and art.

Video Production 2: continued from last trimester(video production 1). We now do more advanced things on making films.

Metal/Jewelry design: Making jewelry pies and learning jewelry history.

All classes are interesting and I'm really enjoying them.

↓pic of Ms Brendible's(Fish/Wildlife conservation teacher) hamster. Recently, I can't see him because he is underground all the time.

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On March 18、 We had Talent show in my high school and I danced ソーラン節.

I did well and my friends praised me so I was glad about it. Some of them were interested in the dance so I explained the meaning of the movements.

Other students did magic, singing, and playing instruments, and rock bands. I wanted to see my friend's singing but I couldn't see it because of the timing, sadly.

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We had an Easter event with my host family. We decorated eggs, and hid them in the house with another hundred eggs with candies in them. We got tons of candies the same as we did on Halloween.

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In CAP, we had a competition event with JROTC(Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps), which is a similar organization to CAP but in school. There were Drill, Color guard, and PT(Fitness) competitions. I competed in PT. JROTC won in Drill and Color guard, and we won in PT. We did great even though We have meetings only once a week while they meet almost everyday.

↓picture of cherry blossoms I took when I was practicing running for PT outside my house

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